On today's survival tips in Nairobi, Jalas is telling y'all to respect people's relationships.

Talking on The Morning Kiss with Kamene Goro, he was surprised that people wait for a relationship to end to jump in as substitutes.

"Instead of going to look for your own, your person, you are here looking at people's relationships saying one wrong mistake mimi ndani."

Kamene asked him,

"You have never met someone who is dating the love of your life?"

Still shocked, he gave a story of one of his friends who told him a certain girl is his it's just that she is with another man for now.

"Someone was telling me you see that girl over there, that is my girlfriend is his. And I asked him how? He said this is my girl it is just that she is with this guy for now but this is my everything, I am just waiting iishe. Where is the respect for people's relationships in Kenya?"

Then Kamene dropped the bombshell,

"Boss, it is the same way Vanessa Mdee is dating my soul mate. I am just here waiting for her to do something boss I am bringing him na KQ and I will cook for him all the fufu he wants. You have never seen someone dating and kissing the love of your life? "

Responding to this Jalas asked Kamene when respecting a relationship died. 

"When you see people in a relationship, pray for their prosperity and not their failure. "

There even men who will tell girls, 'Nikona pesa kuliko chali yako'. But please respect peoples relationship.

Nairobi! Nairobi! Nairobi!