When you're the face of any TV, your whole outfit speaks volumes. For the men, how good does that suit look? For the ladies it other than the dress, the shoe is a very important accessory.

Speaking on Shoe Game With Azziad, Janet Mbugua shared that she bought a very expensive shoe yet she was not earning as much money.

“One of the very first pairs of shoes I wore as a news anchor in 2007 cost me KSh 11,000. I kept them around for a really long time and they served the purpose of news. They were of good quality had really high heels which helped with the posture for reading the news. It was a painful decision because I was not making that much money. After using them for years, I did not feel too bad about buying them but that was too pricey.” Janet said

Ms. Mbugua revealed that her love for sneakers started after she lost the ability to wear heels after giving birth to her two children.

“I had my firstborn child in 2015 and the second one in 2018. Both were born through Caesarean section and I lost the ability to wear heels, so I fell deeply in love with sneakers,” she said.

Sneakers or heels, she rocks them all perfectly well. Here are a few pictures to support this statement.