Huddah Monroe has opened up about losing her teeth and the effects it caused when she was in school.

Taking to Instagram stories, she opened up saying her mother could not afford to help her fix it.

"When I was 12 I lost my 4 front teeth in an accident, And My mom couldn't afford to buy me new teeth. So everyone in school made fun of me for lacking teeth, couldn't smile without covering my mouth lol! and I hated it. So my dream was to make money when I grow up. And I promised myself when I make $$$ the thing I wanted to do was fix my teeth! And travel the world. Lol! Just read a note I wrote at. Madness I've lived up to it! Surely, You are not UGLY! Money is the best make-over." Huddah shared

Adding that in life, everything has a session,


"Nothing you want in this life you'll lack. Trust in God's timing. Everyone is blessed. Some come early some come at 50 but it comes eventually."