Nicah The Queen and Hopekid are on today's list of heavy trolling.

She took to social media with a picture of her and the gospel artiste captioning it,

"It is official @hopekidhk has won me." 

The caption was accompanied by the heart with arrow emojis that signifies love, when someone hits on you and cupid plays his role.

The post did not make people happy who thought that they were chasing too much clout with fake news.

Brya: This can only be music released, otherwise we know even Hopekid cannot sustain this relationship.

63412: Is that how you announce a new song these days?

B.o.b: @nicahthequeen just drop the song rather than pull these silly stunts.

Mimmoh : Trust gospel artistes to do the most just because they want to release a new song, where is your salvation?

Nicah The Queen, ex wife to comedian Dr. Ofweneke recently opened up about how the comedian proposed the first time they met at a restaurant where she had gone to promote her song.


“I had just done a collabo with Mr Tee, ‘Yes, I do’, and we were promoting it. Ofweneke saw me there, appreciated my work and jokingly told me that, ‘hiyo wimbo umefanya ya harusi, mimi na wewe tutafanya harusi. Mark your calendar.’ Nicah told Massawe