Every day we wake up there is a reason to sing the song by BenSoul, 'Nairobi'.

Today in The Morning  Kiss with Kamene and Jalas, Kamene was surprised that men will have the audacity of trying to bag his boys girlfriend.

"My friend was telling me that this guy introduces her as his girl to the boys and all of them have katiad her."

Laughing at this, Jalas said today is the day he will educate the ladies.

"They know very well and I want them to listen. For my sisters who have been introduced to the boys club. Your boyfriend has his friends but you see that they want you and there is always one serious one and he is very much aware you're his boys girl. Then let me inform you, your boyfriend is also taking you for a ride, he is taking you for granted and he has other girlfriends he is seeing and are also being introduced.

This basically means, if you go to the same meet up without your boyfriend the next day, you will find him with another babe who has been introduced as his girlfriend. And there is never respect." He told Kamene

Adding that,

"If one day you're introduced and no one has intention or insinuations that they want you, that guy is very serious with you." Jalas said

A very shocked Kamene asked why is it that men are not loyal.

"I always wonder, boy child hamna loyalty?"

"There is no loyalty when you know this guy you want loyalty to and we know he is a nothing and there could be a very serious and loyal man in that group." Jalas concluded