octopizzo photo by the-star.co.ke
octopizzo photo by the-star.co.ke

Ever since Khaligraph and a couple of other artists met DP William Ruto, a few days ago, Octopizzo has been on OG's neck, breathing fire on how he and others were being 'opportunists'

The OG hit back at his Hip-hop rival with a video mimicking how he and King Kaka have been complaining over not being invited to the meeting.

Octo was not done yet and soon after Khaligraph dropped the new 'Luku'  music video, the Kibera rapper went live on Instagram to trash it, claiming that he is the best dressed rapper in Kenya.

"Also wasanii mambleina wote wacha nikusaidie kama wewe ni msanii mbleina." Octo said.

He added,

First you meet the wrong person hakuna vile unaeza toka from ku shout 'unlock the country' to luku ni safi, luku gani? Unavaa kasuku unasema luku ni safi luku gani msee?

Hakuna hii country yote msee anapiga luku kuniliko take it to the bank.

Khali and Octo have gone on record to claim that there has never been bad blood between them but with the new developments, I am pretty sure Khali will be hitting back at Octo just to settle scores.