The birthday boy Jalas is still celebrating his special day this whole week and today, as always he was all about spreading positive vibes no matter what.

His lesson today to the million of Kiss listeners is to never let negativity cloud your life, even when things are not looking well. This, he says will essentially help you maneuver through life.

"If you are always on the negative the life you will have will always be negative. It is only at this point where negative attracts negative.

Science says negative energy attracts positive energy."  Said Jalang'o.

Jalang'o describes positive life as one where even if things are working against you, you still keep pushing because you never know what might happen.

He says it is enduring the small struggles each day knowing something nice something big will happen in the near future.

Each and every single day let it be a lesson that even as you go through life's lessons, always put a positive energy around it. Be positive around your family, friends, people you relate with, co-workers, be the person that makes people smile." He said.