On Wednesday, the government has suspended all passenger flights to and from India for 14 days as a deadly coronavirus variant ravages the Asian nation. 

India has recorded over 300,000 new cases in the last 24 hours and as this comes when Kenya is under partial lockdown, Kenyans are slowly embracing the government's restrictions.

While discussing this pressing issue this morning, Kamene Goro asked; "Do you honestly still think it is a good idea to unlock our country when you look at what is happening there?."

Jalang'o had to remind Kenyans that a few weeks back we did not have enough hospital beds.

"Let me tell you for the first time after seeing what is happening there and believing on how Covid19 ravages people, wacha tufungiwe. If this will help the let it be." Jalang'o said.

Does this mean that now Kenyans will probably go slow on asking the government to unlock the country despite the tough times they are facing?

Below are some of the reactions we got;

Dennis: The country should just be opened coz the economical impact has had far greater repercussions than Corona. The cons of lock down far outweigh the pros.

Jekiss: Let's just continue with the lockdown and not risk opening, so many people are suffering and the economy is bad but in all this Health comes first and it matters alot,,

Amb Kipkoech: What do you mean by tufungiwe if it will help?? It would have ravaged Tanzania long time ago.Kenyan corona is 98% politics and the 2% is now the corona attention. I wish it was a genuine attention to covid.all in all covid is better than poverty.covid will hit you and you can survive in a shortest time that is if you have no underlying issues but poverty will strike you for a longest time hence suffer long before depression kills you.#unlock_the_country

Pbhachu: Lockdown is a must it saves every one life and stay positive

Nickson Muli: Vaccinate the population, enforce proper wearing of masks and the covid numbers will come down. But locking up the country without the above corresponding measures is useless.