Njambi and her baby daddy/image: Instagram
Njambi and her baby daddy/image: Instagram

Growing up, most of us want to finish our education, land good jobs, get married and start a family, probably in that order.

But for actress, Njeri Gachomba, popularly known as Njambi, she never envisioned herself in a marriage setting and actually never wanted to have kids.

As she celebrates her birthday today, Njambi reveals that she was a wild child who gave her parents hell in her 20s and never even thought she would live to celebrate 30 years.

In a lengthy post, the mother of three says she is glad that God put a speed limit in her life, gave her, her match in her hubby and blessed her with three beautiful kids.

Revealing that she has been having panic attacks, Njambi wrote;

I won't lie I've been having panic attacks and anxiety because I thought I would have my life figured out 😂 but anyway ni life..... Am more experienced, shy(that has not changed), bado mi ni kichwa ngumu and I talk back, sai si sumbui wazazi nasumbuwa bwana 😂😂 lakini Mungu ni nani He gave me my match, mtu ananitame 😂😂, am not wild anymore 😂 I just have a don't care attitude. Careerwise am definitely living my dream 😊. Anyway wenye mko na manual ya HOW TO BE IN YOUR 30S tafadhali nitumieni." Her post.

Everyone at Kiss FM wishes Njeri a happy birthday and very many happy and successful returns.

Real househelps of Kawangware actress Njambi and her baby daddy