It is official that Otile Brown is 254's undisputed king of Youtube.

The singer is celebrating having two of his songs, Dusuma and Chaguo la moyo being the two most viewed videos on Youtube with 26M and 25M views respectively.

Chaguo la moyo might have taken 7 years to get there but Dusuma which he featured Rwanda's Meddy, took just 10 months to conquer millions of other videos.

This goes to show that ever since the campaign to play more Kenyan music, Kenyans embraced their own artists and continue to consume their music wholeheartedly.

Celebrating the fete, Otile appreciated his fans for holding him down.

He wrote;

1 & 2 most viewed in the 254 🇰🇪.. thank y’all King’s & Queens 🙏 cc @meddyonly @sanaipei.tande bless up .. this is just to show y’all that We acknowledge and appreciate the love & support that y’all show us ... till the wheels fall off