Ala! Ala! Ala! If you thought 2021 is just a boring year that is already moving too fast then you're wrong.

After so much drama with a lot of back and forth between Mr. Seed and Bahati in an intense war, they have decided to leave that in the past.

Let me refresh your memory on this beef. Before COVID-19 hit the world and took all the attention, it was alleged that Bahati and his wife Diana Marua did a number on Mr. Seed and his wife, Nimo during a concert.

Mr. Seed made it clear that their fight had nothing to do with money. He left EMB when it still existed because his woman was disrespected.

"We have never fought over money. What ringtone has put out there, 99% of the stories are true. I left because my woman was disrespected. We were in a show in which the devil came in. There was an altercation and police came for my family."

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It's been two days since Mr.Seed and Kate Actress dropped their song, 'Ndoa' which is doing really well despite all the drama in his life. The two have gotten so much support including from Bahati.

Yap. From the man who disrespected his wife a few years ago. The beef has officially been squashed. In fact, now they are bros for life.

Taking to social media, Bahati revealed he has love for Mr. Seed after asking his fans to support the new jam.

"My First Brother @MrseedOfficial has a New One Out Featuring @kate_actress Team Bahati Let's Go on YouTube Watch & Take this to Number #1.... I Love You Bro and I am Happy to see You Prosper ❤ #Bros4Life" Bahati shared

The love is two-sided because Mr.Seed replied saying he loves Baha too.