For the last few years, we have been hearing stories about deadbeat dads or deadbeat mothers, more so among celebrities.

Someone will be accused of neither taking care of their kids nor their lovers after separating.

This triggers the most important question, who takes responsibility for contraception?

Kamene says when you call someone a deadbeat its clear you did not anticipate for a product.

"I believe the onus is upon us as women it is our lives that will change his will continue. It is not about being reckless is about planning yourself and knowing what you want." Kamene said.

Her colleague, Jalas believes that contraception should have been a male thing from the onset.

"A woman has a chance to get pregnant once a month, a man has a chance to impregnate women everyday." Jalang'o said.

As a woman you should know who you are with or sleeping with from the word go.

Jalas argues that for one to be a dead beat it means there was no vision and no plans between the two.

He wants those who have deadbeat issues they should not get people involved in the first place.