Kate Actress has just joined the music scene and sadly it has come with so much drama. 

Let me bring you up to speed. So apparently Mr. Seed has another child coming and it is not with his wife, Nimo. He has not spoken about these allegations after being exposed by your tea master, Edgar Obare. The story has screenshots, voice notes and even MPESA transactions but there is no solid confirmation if the accusations are real.

It has been a norm that when some artistes release new music, they couple it up with some form of drama to clout chase and drive attention to the newly released project.

So the drama surrounding Mr. Seed all seemed like together with Kate ACtress, they were chasing clout. But the actress took to social media to distance herself from that saying she needs no clout to excel. Which we can not deny.

She also shared that she hoped The Seeds will resolve the issue exposed.

"I would never ride on anyone's misery, and I honestly need no clout to excel in my work. I have always been extremely vocal on issues affecting women. amongst them, Ending teenage pregnancies, sexual gender-based violence issues and sexual reproductive health rights. I was offline in the morning, logged in few hours ago and posted the video on the time agreed like the professional I am. I obviously was not aware of the issue at hand. I really hope the issue is resolved by both parties 🙏" Kate posted

The comment section of the post above had so much love from people who support her craft and even people Kate has been there for.

So basically in as much as there is drama surrounding it, she should not worry, they will still support her in this new journey because they know she's doing a great job.

The video was well directed and it's an amazing song almost hitting 200k views in two days. Lovers in the house, we now have an added song to the wedding playlist.