Our very own relationship expert, Chito Ndhlovu is back with a fresh #AskChito segment. In his latest segment, the presenter tackles toxic masculinity and toxic feminism.

Chito begins by stating that he believes in the peaceful co-existence between both female and male and that there should never be gender wars regarding who should be superior than the other.

This, he believes is what causes toxic masculinity and toxic feminism, which shouldn't be the case.

"This co-existence however just like your fingers are not equal in terms of there are things that one gender will do better than the other. For example a man cannot be pregnant, a woman will be pregnant. That in its terms when you look at your fingers it is already not equal." Chito said.

He insisted that even among men, men are not equal and vice versa but he believes there needs to be equal opportunities for everybody and fair pay for everybody.

Chito says for this world to grow and to expand there needs to be a co-existence.

As men we need to protect our women categorically so and impartially so. We need to protect them we need to care for them we need to cover them but we also need to realize there is no gender superior to the other."  He said.