Avril has said it before and is echoing it, she will keep her life private in as much as it is not a secret.

We know she is in a serious relationship and she has a three-year-old boy but we do not know much about that life.

Speaking to Ala C on his YouTube show, Reke Ciume NaEne, she talked about a lot from her life in Nakuru to her breakthrough when she collaborated with AY from Tanzania.

Now she is a thriving star, a mother and a girlfriend.

Speaking on motherhood, she said she was ready to be a mother way before she became one.

"I was very ready to be a mum. I  had been ready 5 years before I became one. But I never had someone stable in my life. I wanted someone stable in my life so we take care of the child together. So when the person I am dating came into my life the situation felt right and he also wanted it." Avril said

Being in that space, she now speaks the language of 'respect mothers'.

"Pressure, and stress, You should respect mothers. When my son was a day old its when it hit me that I no longer had a say.

It would always be about him as he now fully depends on me. In the beginning, I was a walking zombie because I could not get enough sleep. Even now I still survive on very little sleep as I also have to chase my dream."

Trying to be good at it all, Avril is real and she says it's not easy.

"Balancing motherhood and work can be confusing and it’s easy to become depressed as one learns on the job."

Avril made Ala C pancakes as she opened up on so much more.