Akothee had a serious dream and she loved it and the idea of it.

Taking to social media, she shared the details of a dream she had of a certain man who  changed her whole mood.


"Mmmmm this dream I had last night changed my whole mood and way of thinking. I need to love myself more and to be loved back. That was a sweet moment of deep sleep after struggling to sleep for a week now! That person God brought in my dream Mmmmmmm." Akothee shared

She captioned the post that she is not sure if she wants to share this dream with this mystery man.

"Should I tell him 🤔 or he will feel sweet. I felt Good, that ka feeling can't be bought mmmm, I woke up feeling beautiful 💋I know some of us with crazy heads, have problems with full moon & change of weather, we are special,😂😂😂Do you believe in dreams though ?" She added

Yes guys, Akothee has a heart and she has those butterflies we have when we see that guy or even think about him.

Madam boss, the mother of five has severally said that being lonely does not mean one is unhappy.

"I am just at home & bored. I promise the last one. Someone said I am unhappy. Nope, I am alone not unhappy, the only thing missing in my life is a man to come and enjoy this sweetness with me and give me unnecessary stress . You that is happy ,where are you typing from? Wacha nilie kwa villa de casa whitehouse , than kulia pia kwa kibanda , yote ni kulia  Machozi ni ile ile lakini utapanguza manguo ama serviette." Akothee said

Now what we want to know is who is this mystery man making her feel this way.