Another gengetone member is going to be a father. Masilver, a member of  Sailors - who  have have really been off the scene - and his girl are days away from being parents.

His girlfriend, Winny Wayua, a lingerie model and actress, announced first with a picture of her and her manz kissing her baby bump during her baby shower and said,

"How I've waited to see you my lovely baby 😫welcome to the world 🌎 love you will always be your bestfriend your family and your parents we love you our cute champion ❤️❤️🥂🍾cheers to the new parents in town 🥰❤️ @masilver254_"

The couple have dated for a pretty long time and he was not shy of announcing their love on social media.

Masilver now joins his brother,  Miracle Baby in the fatherhood journey and also Kartelo who has since been very silent.

As Avril said, being a parent takes up all your attention and the baby becomes the boss, which can easily make you forget about yourself.

From the kiss 100 family, congratulations Masilver and Winny.