It is no secret Terence Creative had an addiction a few years ago. He was addicted to cigarettes and gambling.

Despite the fact that it was not a pleasing sight for his wife, Milly stuck by him. They say through thick and thin, for better for worse.

This is not the only time she has stayed by him when things were bad. Remember when Terence was exposed for cheating on his wife with a young girl, Anita Soina? Public drama followed and despite it all, Milly was there.

As the comedian turned a year older, it was a chance for his wife to look back on the past and appreciate how far he has come.

"@terencecreative you’ve grown from a man to a man of honor manze I am so proud of who and what you have become babe.

I have seen your growth from your casino days, the days you smoked none stop, to the days you never returned home for weeks I can say so much about you and how God has transformed you and your house name, as you celebrate a year older  may he that started a good work in you be able to accomplish it @millanetai and  I love you so much we celebrate you, my love, friend and partner ❤" Milly posted

Their love has been condemned by social media in-laws a couple of times but that has not stopped them from working on the marriage. And now they look happier than they have ever been.