Kenyans on social media have said they are tired of helping celebrities. For the past few months, we have seen a couple of celebrities come out to seek financial help from their fans.

And because it has been a constant thing, fans are tired and this is because they go through even worse situations but they would never ask for help online. The major reason, they have no following so who will help them?

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene was very much with fans as Jalas was very much for the celebrities.

"I have seen these celebrities come out to say things are bad but when you see the comments below them seeking help, I am left wondering what is wrong?" Jalas asked


"Pia hawa maceleb waingina mtaani wachape hustle.We are also doing it and not asking for money." One fan said

Kamene was clear that,

"We will love you and make you a celeb alafu upate kiburu that you're this super star and because of your star, you can not allow being seen doing some 'dirty jobs' juu wewe ni celeb. Everyone is struggling and for me, I will do it all to survive you will be shocked to find me swiping hapo nje for the money." Kamene said

Adding that,

"If we keep helping them because they are celebs what about these people who can not reach out to other Kenyans who have no followers. Who will pity them?"

Another caller who was on Kamene's side told Jalas,

"You guys are known and problems come to anyone but the thing that celebs have is when you guys say it, many will hear you. What about us who have no following? We will die with our problems. So when you see some comments, it's because we are tired, hurt and we are suffering."

Jalas who was silently listening to the comments spoke and said,


"Just know being a celeb ni kujitolea. Just know when you get in trouble, they will not help you. Being a celeb in Kenya is hard and it has no money. Now look you have put mad in these people's heads now listen to what they are saying. It is so sad, what we are going through as a nation for celebrities. It is a quagmire.

Ebu imagine Prezzo amesimama hapo Karen, Hardy akiuza masks? Weh"

This week, Visita asked his fans for financial help and he was supported by so many other celebrities.