Grace Msalame is now a mother of three children and she loves it. 

It's a new journey being a mother to a boy and seven months down the line, the babe can go dip it low and bring it up slow. Those are goals for not only mothers but many women. 'With which knees' is what they ask'.

Taking to social media, Grace shared a video of her at the beginning of her fitness journey postpartum.

"Almost 7Months Postpartum & here we are! Breastfeeding has been doing me good but now that we’ve introduced solids & body is literally back to factory settings with that special time of the month already here!!! So hello water retention & all the not so fun stuff. So on Mother’s Day week here’s to prioritizing health & let’s be honest that work-out time makes for some much appreciated me time😊So just here to encourage you to just do it✔️😉Start Small & pace yourself. My goal today was just 6000steps which I can gradually progress to 10000. My motivation is my little one’s watching me, so by Gods Grace the aim is to just keep doing better.#EndorphinHigh🤗 #FridayMood💃🏾 #7MonthsPostpartum." Grace shared

Truly her motherhood journey is full of God's grace. She had a normal birth after having her fibroids removed.