I think now more than ever we are sure Harmonize and Wolper will not get back together.

Taking to social media, the Tanzanian movie star and businesswoman posted a picture of her holding her baby bump and her man, Rich Mitindo.

Wolper shared how they met and then reconnected.

"Love is like any other journey you can not know where you are and not sure of the next step it all needs God. We started this in 2016 but I really hurt him so we went our separate ways but we did not hate each other.

Then later on, we met when in the business and became good friends and in 2020 we were both single and we lived in love ever since. And more to that we have been blessed with an addition to the love. 

I pray the respect and love you give me will last forever and ever and you know how much I love and respect you." She shared

Adding that she loves and respects her man.

"Now we are friends and not just lovers and I will respect you always no matter what because you're the man who me so much happiness. You're part of my name changing from Jacq to mum which is not something small. I thank you so much for giving me this seed.

I just want to thank God for this gift. I have si much to say but I will just say thank you. I love up. Yours sincerely, Mama P. 😍❤️💯 @richmitindo ❤️💯" Wopler concluded her love letter

Congratulations Wolper and Rich.