Celestine Ndinda, better known as Cele or Wakavinye to her fans has said she used to get stressed about the attention women were giving her husband when they were dating.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Jappani , the mother of one shared.

"He always had a way of making me laugh whenever we were together and that’s what I loved about him; we were in the same drama club. at first, I was scared. When we were dating I would get stressed due to the attention he was receiving from female fans. But now I have gotten used to it as I understand it’s something he has to do to put food on the table."

Cele added they were such good friends that if someone saw them without Njugush, they would ask where he is, yet there was nothing between them.

Adding that,

"At the time Njugush was eyeing my friend and I was eyeing someone else. they even went to church together. Njugush added were just trying this relationship story with other people. But we used to spend more time with each other than we were with the people we were dating."

Njugush said the woman he was eyeing lost her phone and used Cele’s phone and that is how they started communicating.

"The friend lost her phone, she picked Cele’s phone and texted me with it. I then responded with a goodnight. When Cele found it she was curious as to who the text belonged to and that is how we started properly talking."

Cele said although she knew Njugush, he had not made his intentions to date her before that incident. It’s only after her friend texted Njugush that he got her number.