We may not have seen before but in every post or interview Chiki Kuruka has been in, she has made it clear that she will always fight for human rights.

She opened a dance studio a few months ago, and from the video on their channel Sol Family she mentioned that should be a safe space. A place one would walk into to release stress by feeling good about themselves.

Chiki also gave other dancers the space to practice for free because the economy has dipped down so it is all about helping your brother and sister.

Taking to social media, she listed a few reasons why she has always wanted that space.

"So, before I opened my studio I had been dreaming for a long while about having a community space. Space where people feel loved, and respected. A non discriminatory space that challenges the views of society. A space where women can wear what they want. A space where men can be vulnerable. A space that recognizes mental health, A LOUDLY African space, and a space that proudly stands in partnership with our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. That came true, in the Dance Shagz. I am SO proud that I did this. The work just begins. But its important that people understand, this isn't just a studio. It's not even a 'safe space', expect to be challenged. But this is a space built from love, in order to give love. Our doors are open. Welcome."