On the Morning Kiss this very chilly morning, Kamene said she would prefer older men all day every day. A man who is ready to settle down and not play games.

Jalas does not agree with this but he says he wishes Kamene all the best, no matter who she chooses.

"Whoever you find, I shall release you to go find love, whether an older or a younger man it is all up to you. Wherever you will find it I as your brother Kamene will forever bless you."

Then he made a switch and advised parents when it comes to weddings.

"I want to talk to parents. You need to work hard as a parent whichever way just grind. Push, push, push as a parent so that your daughters ruracio or wedding is one of the few things you're counting as an investment. 

It should not be a place of extortion. Sijui gate imefungwa, sijui kifunguo imepotea. This should be a happy moment not a place where your son in  law is stressed whether he will get your daughter or not." Jalas said

Adding that it should be a happy place. He even went on to refer to DP William Ruto's daughter's traditional wedding that went down over the weekend.

"If you saw the wedding in Karen, it was just good vibes, rungu kugongwa hapa na pale, musiki. Do you see women being covered in leso's so that you pick the wrong one then fine. Your daughters bride price is not an investment or extortion it is a celebration. So that their family has some money and they can enjoy their marriage."

We have seen these stories on social media where just after a ruracio - traditional wedding - the man decides he will not proceed because of what he went through with the wife's family when it comes to money.