Size 8 has severally mentioned that choosing the salvation journey was the best decision she made.

She marked 8 years in Christ and she says choosing that path was the biggest win in her life.

"People say when you choose God thru Jesus Christ and you begin to walk in the narrow path it will cost you highly and I say this is a big lie no amount of earthly loss can compare to the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus Christ!!! Even if we lose even the closest people around us or we lose positions or we lose earthly possessions choosing Christ will always be a bigger win!!! 8 years now in salvation and for sure Jesus Christ is the best thing out of the many good things I've gotten In the last 8 years." Size 8 shared

The mother of two has credited her whole life to the blessing and grace of God, including her marriage to DJ Mo. Even when things were at the worsrt, she was sure all will be well because they have Christ in their life.

DJ Mo is also saved and is one of the few gospel DJs we have in Kenya who started way back.