Kamene and Jalas have a message for those who always want to invade the space of others.

I am sure you have been the victim of having someone you want to get rid of but they are not leaving. Be it in the house, car or even your desk in the office. Or you have been that person.

"In Kenya we say sisi tunaingia tao tukuweka wapi? Have you ever been in a car and there is a passenger who dies not want to leave? You are with someone you want to be with or have a private conversation with." Jalas started off the conversation.

To which Kamene responded with a recent scenario she experienced.

"There is a day we left the office, Charity and this chic and I. But the chic did not want to leave us. Charity even alighted and said she will take an Uber from where I dropped her but this chic decided we will go all the way to my house. I am there sleeping in my room amekaa tu kwa sitting room."

Jalas who was surprised said for him, he will make it so clear.

"Mimi I will tell you toka tu, lakini in wakenya ni nani? We will say we are going for a meeting here so where do we drop you na huendi bado? Do not be that person who invades other peopled privacy."

The two continued saying that most times, they know that they are annoying but that will not stop them.

"Kama wageni wa Sunday, siwapendi, they are just there to eat your food." Kamene concluded