I think Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan really needs to take a chill pill considering we are still in the Holy month of Ramadan.

But you know that the mother of 5 who is a Muslim doesn't miss an opportunity to troll when given the chance- an opportunity she was presented with recently.

So the genesis of this troll came after a fan commented on Zari's post where she had shared a photo of her dog.


“Your dog has not disappeared like Wema’s also, Wema responded very badly to you?"


To which Zari responded saying that Wema should eat, referring to how much weight she has lost.

"It’s Ramadhan na natoa msada. She could use some free food, naona kabakisha kichwa tu. lyo ni nja, let her eat some food she will be fine."

The comment from the fan had nothing to do with anyone's body and then out of nowhere, she dropped the savage comment.


Zari and Wema have a shared history in one aspect, that both dated the same man in Diamond Platnumz.

Just a while back Wema revealed that she had really wanted to give the WCB CEO what Zari had given him-Children, something she sadly couldn't.  

I am sure you know how it works with Tanzanians, this sure going to become a team Wema vs team Zari beef.