Yesterday night, Zari Hassan trolled Wema Sepetu as she called out the former model's body size.

A fan had commented on Zari's post where she had shared a photo of her dog asking if her dog has disappeared.

Diamond's baby mama responded by saying that Wema should eat, referring to how much weight she had lost over the years.


"It’s Ramadhan na natoa msada. She could use some free food, naona kabakisha kichwa tu. lyo ni nja, let her eat some food she will be fine."

Wema must have been forming at the mouth as she quickly responded with what can be best taken as a subliminal dig, hinting that Zari was much much older than her and she shouldn't fight her.

"Kugombana na watu wazima ni kujitafutia laana... Na mimi nina heshima sana kwa wakubwa zangu... Pia ni mskivu... Nafanyia kazi ushauri... ☺️☺️☺️."


The ladies have one thing in common, they have both dated musician Diamond Platnumz. A while back Wema said she really wanted to give the WCB CEO what Zari gave him, children, but she couldn't.