Sherehe is a term so many Kenyan youth like to use because people like to have a good time, which is okay. But where does it become a problem?

On the Morning Kiss today with Kamene and Jalas, they spoke about the rate at which a lot of the youth have become dependent on alcohol which of course means one will have impaired judgment.

Giving the example of the late marathon runner, Samuel Wanjiru, Jalas said,


"The day Wanjiru crossed the finish line and everyone was happy and we celebrated him. Despite what he won in that marathon that he won, hundreds of millions, there was no one to help him handle things when he was drunk. If you hear the story of his lawyer where he said he would be called in the middle of the night and he'd say we are buying land I would try to stop him but pombe had already taken over. Glass cheers and another dubious deal is gone."

Kamene who was so sympathetic said it has gotten to a point she is asking herself, what really happened? Where and when did all this come from?


"So young and he had so much ahead of him and I am just like pombe imeanza kushika watu in a scary way especially our young people. I do not know if it is because we are idle there is nothing to do or there is an industry that has taught you that you can live off the alcohol I don't know I am trying to find out where it all starts."


Jalas added that it is crazy how the people who turn up(while drinking a lot of alcohol) the most are lawyers or pilots.

"It is not about where alcohol is taking us, mine is a case of young professionals who have taken to the bottle in a way that you can not even believe. Have you ever been told, 'You know this guy is a lawyer?' And you're like, 'How?' You get?"

The best advice would be to drink responsibly.