It is happening again and Pierra is angry that all her hard work and creativity is being stolen once again.

She came up with an idea to host a social event that she called Park and Chill where revellers are entertained while in cars observing covid-19 protocols. 

The idea was to allow party-goers come in their car, park, chill and enjoy good music by Pierra and other guest deejays. No crowding.

But since then, many others have copied her idea to the extent of copy pasting the name of her event.

Taking to social media this long weekend, the DJ warned her fans against the scam events.

"FAM!! THIS IS NOT PARK AND CHILL!!! ITS A SCAM.PARK AND CHILL IS THIS SATURDAY AT CARNIVORE GROUNDS. Event organisers!! This is the last time I am doing this. With or without covid struggles I will sue you and not spare you... I believe the cake is big but come on! Stop being lazy!!!! Stop messing my event. Kenyans!! Ideas are many.... Trust me you don't need to copy to be successful. Brainstorm with your team and you will get great ideas. But just copying/stealing someone else's idea will never be blessed. Trust me."

This is not the first time Pierra has been forced to address this.  A few moths ago she called out another group of people doing the same. Read the story below: