Nyota Ndogo is regretting the 1st of April 2021. This day will forever give her goosebumps.

So she decide to play an April fools day prank on her man who was away, by telling him that she is pregnant. Unfortunately for her, he didn't take it so well on learning it was fake news. He got so pissed he ended that call and since then, they have never spoken.

Chito and Jalas were concerned that the babe is crying out too much on social media hoping these messages get to her husband.


"Amerudi Denmark and he's left her Pending. She was crying out for her love after a prank gone wrong. You know Nyota is my friend so I do not want to laugh but my friends, love is not easy. I think she is justified to look for her man on social media. She even put up a posting in Danish hoping the message gets to him." Jalas said

Chito who laughed hysterically at the whole situation said,

"April fools are not for couples. Asking how far can you go for your love? My friend, it is a wrap for these ones? It is gone. It is her fault she lost her man, We are now in May she is still being fooled. This man was hurt that is why he is acting this way."

They wanted to hear what really happened between the two straight from the horse's mouth. So they called Nyota Ndogo and no cap, she is hurting.

"Haya mambo ya mapenzi ya hadharani watu hawayajui kabisa. All I did was prank my man and I have tried to look at what else I could have done and I can't see. I just told him I am pregnant he sad, Wah and he rejected the phone. He did not want to listen to any other thing I had to say. I think in his head as he left Kenya, I mean if a man leaves you pregnant it would be a happy moment and then I told him I am pregnant t I am sure he thought I have another man's pregnancy." Nyota Ndogo  explained 

Adding that,

"Yani I have tried it all. I have even reached out to his daughter as we are friends. She said they talk about a lot but as soon as she mentions my name, he ends the call in anger. This I do not know why? I am sure we were okay before the prank so why is he doing this to me? I can go to Denmark even today but when he was leaving he stayed in Amsterdam for such a long time you can imagine how it will be for me who is not a Denmark residence? "

So do you think he will see these messages.

"I am sure he goes to google so ataziona. Wazungu wakona utani kutuliko. So there could be another issue then that I do not know about. I would not tell people to stop pranking because it is there and is good." Nyota Ndogo cried.

Nyota Ndogo could not hold her emotions she just started crying so Chito and Jalas had to end the call there.

She ended up saying that she is a fighter especially when it comes to love.