jalas and kamene
jalas and kamene

If there is something that is so common among Kenyans is the habit of asking for information about you from your friends.

They could be asking about your relationship, salary or even the source of your wealth.

Kamene is fed up with such behaviors and wants Kenyans to change and ask about that which they are itching to know, directly from the source.

Kamene said,

"You have a question about someone and a very serious or important question to you about this someone and you can ask that someone, but you go and ask somebody else." 

Kamene has been traveling a lot of late and says that people she knows, some whom are her friends will run to her assistant to ask about the man who must be taking her from one corner to another.

Why are you asking Charity about Kamene? Come ask Kamene. Form? Can we just be better this morning, come ask me to my face."  She said.