Do men apologize? Kamene Goro heavily disagrees with Jalango on the Morning Kiss.

They based the argument on the statement Prof Hamo just released apologizing to his kids, his wife, Jemutai and his fans.

"We know that something is wrong, we are not fools. We know the differences between right and wrong. You might try to justify it and maneuver and you know what and what as we saw Hamo did. All of this would have been avoided. The minute this story came out, the minute Jemutai came out and said 'this is her problem'. He would have come out and said ' I know what I did was wrong, and I am sorry. Bit men never apologize at the first instance. You guys want to fight, you want to defend and find excuses, justify and build castles. A man would even walk around the streets of Nairobi before he apologizes.


If men could normalize apologizing first, we can avoid a lot of drama." Kamene said

Jalas who disagreed with all this answered her and said,

"I think men apologize and are remorseful about issues and men come out as first to apologize. As much as this took too long, there were a lot of other issues that were involved you understand?"

Kamene: That is fine, but what was wrong was wrong. What Jemutai raised was a problem and a real issue. 

Jalas: So you really think men do not apologize?

With so much confidence Kamene said it's only facts and even gave examples.

"It is not about thinking, How many men have I encountered? From my father to my brother to my ex-husband to my do not apologize. That is why when you piss off your babe, it is easier to leave the house mpaka usiku wa manane until she is asleep, then you come home like a thief as opposed to saying, babe, you're right. I did something wrong I am sorry. But where? He will go to all clubs on Langata road all the way to Syokimau just to avoid going home or even just say 'I am sorry'." She concluded