Chito ndhlovu
Chito ndhlovu

Chito took sometime to educate couples on the difference between submission in relationships and slavery.

He says as time goes by, many tend to interpret submission in ways that favors them or fits their agenda.

"I feel like what we discuss as submission in this new day, age and era is almost foreign to what I believe submission should be about." Chito said.

He added,

I do believe that if you are in a committed relationship with somebody there needs to be mutual submission, not where one guy is submitting but what are you submitting to?

Chito believes that the biggest challenge with some of our relationships is that people will talk about submission without a vision, hence don’t know what it is they are submitting to.

He says submission in relationships leads to equality, fairness and trust.

When you come together you are submitting your finances, habits and your relationship to this one person you create after you come together. That is when you decide I won’t do ABCDE to hurt this person.”

His message to couples is to simply submit to a common goal or a common plan that the two of you have agreed upon.

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