People should know that everything they are doing today will be reflected in the future, hence why we should be cautious of what we are doing on a daily basis.

Be it in our relationships, career wise or even when it comes to investing in ourselves, we should be doing it with tomorrow in our minds. That was Jalang’o ‘s wake up call today.

“Today, we are doing what they want so that tomorrow we can accomplish what they can't.” He said.

Everything that you are doing today should be targeted for your future self, something your future self will thank you for.

Kamene found the wise words so relatable and reminded people who look up to her that sometimes she does stuff that benefit others or even wake up earlier than she wants to, but all that is to help her accomplish what she wants to.

“It is not always easier and won’t be a walk in the park but today we will do what they want Jalas, but every single thing we do will feed into the bigger picture.” Kamene said.