Esma Dangote has thanked her brother Diamond Platnumz for helping her when it comes to the upkeep of her children.

Remember she was married and then went back home months after the grand wedding. And now she says her ex-husband Petit is a deadbeat father.

"I do everything by myself. I raise my daughter by myself, I thank God that since she was three months to now that she's six years, I have raised her. I cannot blame anyone because this is my child. I struggle for my children," Esma told Wasafi Media.

She went ahead to reveal that Tahiya, her eldest daughter, is taken care of by Diamond Platnumz, who pays school fees and upkeep.

'He says that's his firstborn. I have given that child to him already," she said. 

Esma, who runs a clothing line, says she is independent and content even without getting upkeep from the men she has sired her two kids with.

It's interesting how Diamond is present in his nieces life, yet his baby mama's had always been very vocal that he was a deadbeat father. But since last year, he has been a very present father in his children's lives and that we applaud.