Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas

Why do women always tend to look for petty reasons to end their relationships, when they find a new fling?

That was the big question from Jalang'o today and he could not understand why women choose drama instead of just ending their relationship amicably.

"If you found a better person than me just go, stop looking for small small problems from me. These people start looking for small mistakes when they find someone new and start looking for escape routes." Jalang'o said.

He actually believes that leaving is hard and people now must always look for a way to justify it.

For Kamene, she will pick the smallest of fights just to find an escape route.

"Msee ameanza kunikatia and Naangalia mandem and I decide it's time to leave. So one day he said something about my clothes and I picked up a ka small fight about how he doesn't respect me and how I dress." She said.

I can pick anything out of anywhere, for instance, unaweza sneeze and I say you are katiaring dirty women and unaniletea ugonjwa.

However, Kamene says the problem is she might move on with a lot of guilt.