No one is perfect no lie. But there are certain things one needs to let go of. Kamene on The Morning Kiss with Jalas shared the things she would change in her man before introducing them to her parents.

"What are these things you've told your significant other to change before they meet your parents?" Jalas asked

To which she replied saying,


"For me it was ragged jeans. I cannot take you to Miss Vicky You go home with yo yo yo."

A shocked Jalas who has seen Kamene in so many ragged jeans said,

"But that is double standards, you have so many ragged jeans, we are just starting."

Confidently, Kamene said,


"My mother loves me as I am but I cannot take a ragga muffin to my mother with earrings. Have you seen these men who wear long earings. Please remove all your jewellery, and wear clothes with purpose. Si round neck t-shirts. You need to be in a shirt that has a collar. I mean you have to show that there is something you do with your life otherwise, where are you going?"

I am sure you all have a story to tell. First impression tells it all and it needs to be good because you want this partner to be the love of your life.