Larry Madowo came back home but now with a new payslip, a new job working as the CNN Nairobi correspondent.

Speaking to South African news outlet BizComunnity, Larry said he has always been very keen when it comes to how international media covers Africa. 

He wants the audience to hold him accountable to the same standards he preached, hence help change the narrative.

"I’ve always been critical of some of the foreign media’s coverage of Africa, so I felt challenged when the CNN opportunity came up. It’s easy to criticize other journalists’ African reporting from the comforts of America, but I chose to come back, so the audience can hold me accountable to the same standards I preached," he said. 

One thing that the correspondent is grateful to CNN for is that they have given him the resources to cover development in Africa.

We have seen Larry grow from a business intern at KTN, to the best entertainment show, The Trend on NTV to BBC and now CNN. His motivation is to make the Madowo name proud.