Today would have been the legendary musician, E-Sir’s 40th birthday.

His colleague and best Friend, Nameless has always held the South C’s finest and his generational work in high regard and has always celebrated the star whether in private or in public.

As he celebrates E-sir’s birthday, Nameless is pushing for a lane in South C to be named after him.

He wrote;

20thMay1981... Happy birthday Esir!! Welcome to the 4th floor!💯😎! Esir would have been turning 40 today fam!!!...with all the guys he inspired with his works I think he deserves a street in south C to be named after him...Esir Lane😊...let's push for this to happen.🔥🔥🔥🔥 Happy40thBirthdayEsir

Two months ago, Nameless alongside Big Pin, Tallia Oyando and E-Sir's brother, Habib visited his grave at the Muslim cemetery in Nairobi, to pay their respect and honor a king 18-years since he passed on.