This morning, Jalang’o gave listeners a simple but vital reminder that they should never lose focus because there’s someone somewhere ready to criticize them.

I mean if what they are saying won’t pay your bills or make your life better then it shouldn’t matter at all.

He says after all, you are the only one holding the master plan for your life and not them.

"Their opinions don’t pay your bills, so just listen to the opinions from those that pay your bills.” Jalang’o said.

Adding that,

Opinions are just like a bad tooth everybody has one. What people say about you or think about you, if it really pays your bills think about it.

This goes with an old saying that; If you keep stoning every single dog that barks at you, you won’t get to your destination.

Jalang’o says this should be a reminder to everybody to never lose their focus because no matter what you do, there will always be someone somewhere ready to give their opinion about it.