Njugush and celestine ndinda. Photo by: @samsoniaphotography
Njugush and celestine ndinda. Photo by: @samsoniaphotography

Mostly we tend to say that celebrity kids grow up fast right before our eyes but how about celebrities ageing right before our eyes as well?

When it comes to Njugush, I think we can say the same since we have watched him right when his acting career kicked off to where he is now.

Today he celebrates his 30th birthday and what a journey he has had!

We have watched him transition from a skinny Real house help of Kawangware actor to an almost buff comedian now hosting his own stand up shows.

If there is someone who has really seen this man grow from grass to grace is his wife, Celestine Ndinda who has been with him since their college days.

As she celebrates her man and the father of their child, Celestine aka Wakavinye remembers him as a 22-year-old man with no muscles.

Check out her lovely birthday message below; 

Happy birthday Tim... This is how you enter your New year🤣. I can't believe you're now 30yrs. May God's favour follow you wherever you go. Manze umeanza kuzeeka aki🤣🤣,siamini ni wewe uko 30, juzi tu ulikuwa 22, bila muscles 😫