Do you find yourself in constant fights with people in your life? Ever shouting to a point you are ruining relationships? Then Kamene says it could be you are lacking peace in your life.

Talking to her fellow babes, Kamene wants them to normalize making peace a constant aspect in their lives to avoid always being bitter.

“Baby girl I want you to always choose peace, always choose peace in every aspect of your life.” Kamene said,


We are tired of having this conversation about what do chics bring to the table. Imefika mahali the society looks at us so differently because of the behaviors we have commonly portrayed.

Kamene says the moment ladies will compromise peace in their work places they will become bitter beings and it would devolve to everything, because they are carrying that anger with them.


In 2021 I said I am choosing peace and I will work well with people so that they work well with me. I am choosing peace in my relationships because I don’t want to be frustrated then spill it to Jalas.“ She added.