It is so hard to take Njugush seriously but this time he sat down with Richard Njau and gave us his life story. 

Speaking on Cleaning The Airwaves, the comedian said his earnings came as a shock to him because it was the first time he was earning hundreds of thousands.

When he came in as a scriptwriter for Hapa Kule News courtesy of Abel Mutua, he was earning Ksh15,000 weekly, which translated to Sh60,000 monthly.

Then he also started acting in Real Househelps of Kawangware where he was earning ksh10,000 per episode.

“I was earning a weekly wage like a footballer. One day my wife (Celestine Ndinda) and I checked our account balance because we wanted to buy utensils since we had been told that our salary had been deposited. I found Sh120,000,” Njugush  said, holding his forehead 

Adding that his wife has always been his greatest support system.


“I used to spend so much money on my wife's shopping in appreciation of the support she gave me when I was broke.”

Njugush left the acting scene after Abel left and in as much he had no plan B, he is now one of the best paid online comedians in Kenya with a huge following and massive endorsements. 

Sometimes, it is okay to take risks.