Risper Faith is one of the few bold women who have come out to say she now has a waist, all thanks to a successful liposuction surgery.

She gave birth to her son and after she had healed from delivery decided to do cosmetic surgery. Her husband gave her the ultimatum of having a child first and then he'd pay for the procedure.

According to the mother of one, she spent 450K to get back a flat tummy. Losing weight and getting to your desired body before liposuction helps in getting a snatched body.

This is because they can only remove 5litres of oil in a single surgery.

Risper went through a 360 surgery in which they removed fat from her back and her tummy. The bigger you are the more liposuction appointments you will have, each session costs 450K.

One can only go for a second round of liposuction after 6 months.

Together with her husband, they are always living a good life. For them it is either they go big or they go home. So big it is.