Magix Enga has for the first time spoken about his addiction and how he has been able to manage it by going to rehab.

He has been away from the music game for a while. Not only as a producer but also as an artist and this is because he has rehab sessions.

In a recent interview, Magix said,


”Sio mchezo manze. Nimekuwa niki record wasanii different. Msanii anaingia leo ni wa gospel, kesho mwingine anakuja na bangi… Bangi sai ni herb, kila mtu anatumia. Mwingine anakuja na pombe. So kwa hiyo harakati ya ku record, unajipata umetumia na hukuwa unataka. (It is not a joke. I have been recording different artistes. Today an artiste comes as a gospel artiste, then the next day you have one who smokes weed. Weed has now become a natural herb as everyone is using it. Others come in with alcohol. So in the midst of recording, you find yourself using the same drugs they have come within as much as you did not want."

Adding that the rate at which he was consuming the drugs, he had to seek help.

”Nilienda rehab for a couple of days. Wasee wengi wanafaa kuenda rehab juu ni poa kuenda kuangaliwa umetumia drugs kiasi gani juu nimekuwa niki record gengetone. (I went to rehab for a couple of days. People need to go for rehab as it is good to know the effects of drugs you're using especially since I have been been recording gengetone music.)” Magix said 


When asked about whether Gengetone artistes abuse drugs often, Enga said,

‘Wasee wanawasha. Weed is a herb. Weed hao wasee wanachoma vibaya sana. (Weed is a herb and these guys are consuming it too much.)"