Now, who are these upsetting Corazon Kwamboka and the way she is raising her son, Baby Tayari?

The socialite explains that whenever she posts a picture of her son, she gets a lot of unsolicited advice.

Corazon took to social media warning fans against such advice saying she knows how to take care of her son.

”Something I’ve noticed, every time I post my baby, some bloody fools, idiots, lunatics, will come to my page and start telling me; oh, mbona uyu mtoto anakuanga na homa kila siku… This baby is having difficulty breathing. Sijui do this, do that. You guys are idiots… You are a fool if you think that me Corazon is on my page posting my baby waiting for your opinion because I don’t see a problem with what he has… Do not come to my page trying to give me advice on what to do… People should mind their business” Corazon said

Corazon continued to explain saying that her baby’s breathing condition is being taken care of as they see a pediatrician.

"My son has a condition called adenoids and that's why he has difficulties breathing and we have a special pediatrician. So do not come to my page to tell me what to do. I am not waiting for you to come to my page and tell me what to do. learn to mind your own business. "

Adenoids are a patch of tissue that is high up in the throat, just behind the nose. They, along with the tonsils, are part of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system clears away infection and keeps body fluids in balance. The adenoids and tonsils work by trapping germs coming in through the mouth and nose.

The next time you came at her, be warned. She said she will block anyone who would piss her off with the same issue.