Chito ndhlovu
Chito ndhlovu

Before we get into relationships we always look at what we want and what is best for us. It is called standards.

However, after getting into one, setting of standards doesn’t end there and this helps you to have a great foundation moving forward.

On this week’s edition of #AskChito, the relationship expert says Standards like how you are spoken to, how you are treated, how you expect to be loved. All these are great great standards to uphold. Especially for us men.

“It is important as a man to be woke to the fact that you always wanna test the boundaries and see how much you can get away with.” Chito said.

He went ahead to add,

Once you are awoke to that knowledge it is easier to communicate where you are and also hold yourself accountable to some things.

Set the standards of how often you wanna met, how you or the other person wanna be loved.

In a nutshell, his advice is about being open enough to say what you want, how you want it when you want it from whom you want it and why you want it.

This man is full of wisdom! Check out the video below;