Kamene and Jalas on The Morning Kiss have a few wise words for their younger brothers and sister.

'Generation Z are living in a fantasy world' Kamene and Jalas

"Generation Z if it is opportunities and proposals, you guys are lucky enough to have them all. You can decided you don't want to go to school I want to be a photographer, model or even artistes for all these divergent opportunities.

But for some reason you can not covert on those opportunities because you're in pursuit of other thing. Love, sherehe, what you look and what people think about you." Kamene shared her concerns.

Jalas added saying that this generation lives in a fantasy world.

"These people are said to be living in a fantasy world. These are people who will walk out of the house and one call can change everything in their life. They walk with their heart soul spirt everywhere. When they leave they have left. You have no reason to live. You live everyday like the last day. But you find you're here for took long and you have no plan."

Their discussion was brought about based on the videos we have been seeing on social media. It is a concern they only thought it is best to address the issues.

Generation Z, listen up.