By now we have all seen this clip of an all iced up Diamond Platnumz speaking in English bragging about his lion spirit and how it has propelled him to where he is.

Jalang’o says while we are busy poking fun into his English and how he struggled with the fake American accent, we missed the most important point. That is how he go about his hustle.

“Before you poke into his English and everything could just take the Lion’s spirit from it. When you leave and you are going to get something, you’ll get it no matter what.” Jalang’o said.

He added,

Have the lion’s spirit. You are going to hunt and you are not coming back empty handed. We are going to Industry area we are going to work, have the lion’s spirit and I am picking it today.

So that should be your mission today to know that we are all out here hunting and we should not come back home having not completed our mission.